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Software Development Practices

Our Best Practices in Software Development

WHIZDATA uses advanced tools, technologies and methodologies for software development. The main stream of our software development activities is formed by a stack of Java EE technologies. A lot of our employees have good expertise in this area, which is confirmed by various certificates from companies like Sun Microsystem, Oracle and IBM.

To successfully build commercial applications in Java EE, it is not enough just to have general knowledge of Java EE technologies and database connectivity. To be able to rapidly build enterprise applications, it is also very important to use frameworks and technologies available nowadays at the software market (e.g Hibernate, Spring, JSF). Use of these technologies enables us to correctly and successfully deal with pitfalls and tricks of tuning different application servers. During the recent days when new technologies are coming out on a regular basis, we constantly monitor these updates, update ourselves and apply them to significantly reduce the average size of the development phase.

WHIZDATA uses automated QA scripts for regression, functional and stress testing. When building software, we use the method of short iterations which assumes that even at the very beginning of the development cycle, the delivered features are QA-ed and ready for customer's inspection. Our methodology allows us to identify discrepancies between customer expectations and our understanding at early stages and provide the fixes early in the project cycle.

We use modern refactoring techniques to keep the architecture of applications simple and easy to re-use. It comes out very handy when there is a need to extend an application with minimal impact and cost.

Working with various Enterprise applications, we have got a wide experience with improving performance of large enterprise applications. With our expertise, we are able to tune the performance of enterprise applications at all layers, starting from the web browser down to the level of SQL queries and stored procedures.

Our software engineers, analysts, QA engineers and project managers closely communicate with our customers proactively handling potential changes of requirements, which makes our process smooth and adaptive and leads to customer satisfaction.

By using innovative technologies and modern development methodologies, WHIZDATA offers its customers a variety of excellent services for building large and scalable enterprise systems.

Big Data Services

WHIZDATA is one of the early service providers of Hadoop in India. Our Big Data team is divided into Hadoop Management and Application Development teams.

MDM Services

WHIZDATA team has a solid experience in building solutions based on products from leading vendors such as Informatica and Oracle. WHIZDATA can help you build ‘the’ MDM solution...

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