WHIZDATA is one of the early service providers of Hadoop in India. Our Big Data team is divided into Hadoop Management and Application Development teams. We can integrate a complex system centered on Hadoop catering to your big data management needs. We can develop custom tools during integration and script the missing links between the different tools of Big Data management system. The higher layer applications we develop are scalable and contain rich graphic visualization. We can architect new data processing algorithms and can generate data, trigger events based on customer needs and use the trigger points to spawn of automatic background processes which address the needs of the day. We can also develop useful library components, test and integrate opensource components and help you in the strategy to harness the power of big data.

Software Development Practices

WHIZDATA uses advanced tools, technologies and methodologies for software development. The main stream of our software development activities is formed by a stack of Java EE technologies.

MDM Services

WHIZDATA team has a solid experience in building solutions based on products from leading vendors such as Informatica and Oracle. WHIZDATA can help you build ‘the’ MDM solution...

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