WHIZDATA is the leading provider of technology, services and support for big data, master data, Cloud Computing and advanced analytics. WHIZDATA is a privately held company specialized in research, development, and integration of emerging technologies used in enterprises for processing massively large business and consumer data. We work with technology innovators to create business solutions. WHIZDATA has rich expertise in best-in-class MDM and Big data services across multiple domains.

Implementing MDM data projects for customers globally, WHIZDATA has developed best practices of implementation and deploying complex enterprise systems with a fine blend of customizing MDM software to unique business needs based on WHIZDATA`s own repository of assets and tool kits.

We harness unstructured data with agile approach and advance analytics and build custom software solutions using the technologies like Hadoop, NoSQL and nClusters, we offer Big Data Solutions that efficiently process, analyze, manage and access data at scale. We are pioneer thinkers and developers who understand that customer facing software drives revenue. Therefore, we build customer software solution that lives inside your business. We spark innovation, make better decisions and drive successful business outcomes at the speed of today’s business. As a Big Data Solution partner we offer expert consulting, implementation and support services in Big Data Analytics.

Software Development Practices

WHIZDATA uses advanced tools, technologies and methodologies for software development. The main stream of our software development activities is formed by a stack of Java EE technologies.

Big Data Services

WHIZDATA is one of the early service providers of Hadoop in India. Our Big Data team is divided into Hadoop Management and Application Development teams.

MDM Services

WHIZDATA team has a solid experience in building solutions based on products from leading vendors such as Informatica and Oracle. WHIZDATA can help you build ‘the’ MDM solution...

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